Site information

Type of dive

Deep Wreck Dive.

Skill level for this dive


Advanced Open Water.

Dive site depths

115 feet on top & 128 feet to the sand.

Dive site location

The Mariner II Tug rests on the sand on the backside of the main reef with its bow facing west and is located 1¾ of a nautical mile offshore of Pompano Beach, south of Hillsboro Inlet.

The exact coordinates to the Wreck site is - 26 14.0875’N / 80 03.7997’W.

Best Nitrox mix.


MOD 111ft @1.4

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shipwreck site

Mariner II Tug.

Ship Description

The Mariner ll Tug 20 century Tug Boat. This steel hull Tug Boat measured 110 feet long with a beam of 40 feet long. The ship at a maximum speed of 8 kn or 9.2 mph. with a complement of 6 crew.

Dive Site Description

The Mariner II is laying up right where it Scuttled on May 1, 1993 as part of the Broward County artificial reef program. The wreckage of the Mariner II is still pretty well intact.

The ship is facing East and West and If you wander off to the south following a cable about 100 feet away you will find a 10 foot box.

In close proximity is the Mariner II barge and if the current is cooperating you can drift from the Mariner Tug to the Mariner Barge.

Resident Marine Life

This is a well-established wreck site and there is an abundance of marine life that resides in the area. It is common to see large schools of small and medium tropical fish, stingrays large and small, eels, lobsters and the occasional Turtle or Eagle Ray.This is also an excellent location for spear fishing and hunting.


The tug was originally named the Mary St. Phillips and although there is not a lot of information currently on its past we know that it eventually ended up in South Florida as part of the Broward County artificial reef program. The o was sunk on May 1, 1993 alongside the mariner to barge which was also sunk simultaneously on the same day. The nice part about the location of these two Wreck is that on the right day you can swim between the two of them on a single dive.

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